John Ruddick, Far Right Candidate Representing the Liberal Democrats for an Upper House Seat in the Upcoming NSW Election, Bites Off More Than He Can Chew (Part One)

John Ruddick on the right, campaigning for his mate, Tony Abbott before bailing on the Liberals

Who Put the Dick in Ruddick?

Every now and again I search the web for any new stories on Lee Harvey Oswald – especially around the date of the assassination anniversary. This year, I was a bit late in doing a search but hit paydirt anyway. The first story that came up was one by John Rubbick, published by that bastion of reactionary screeds, Spectator Australia.

It was a piece decrying the efforts of the author’s heroes, including Tucker Carlson, in linking the assassination to the CIA – which is portrayed as the action-arm of so-called Deep State. It appears as if Ruddick missed the memo.

Carlson was on air prior to the assassination document releases in 2021 and interviewed Gerald Posner who rewrote the Warren Commission Report, called it Case Closed, and has lived off the residuals and the reputation that the book bestowed upon him, ever since.

In short, Carlson had no problem in supporting the official version – up until December 2022. So what changed? The pro-Trunp rhetoric is what changed. The picture being drawn for the public would now be that the Deep State, using the CIA, took out Kennedy for bucking the system, and was now after Trump. What they want you to see is a straight line between Kennedy and Trump; parallel figures taken out by the same dark forces.

It is no surprise to me that Ruddick is a mortgage broker on Sydney’s silvertail north shore. As a proponent of a government only as big as it needs to be to be able to get his own snout in the trough, working in a barely regulated sector in amongst all the big dollars, makes perfect sense.

Ruddick was a member of the Liberal Party innitially, and is a mate of former PM Bronwyn Bishop – oops – right choir, wrong rank, too many balls. That should read “Tony (The Mad Monk) Abbott”. But since the NSW Liberals have decided they need to be a little less Attila the Hunnish if they want to cling on to power yet again, he has moved to where he is more comfortable.

Oswald was from a Poor Single Parent Family, Therefore He was a Communist and Must Have Been Guilty

I think that fairly summarizes the arguments put by Mr. Ruddick-U-Louse.

So… Why Am I Being so Petty toward John Ruddick?

Apart from the paucity of logic in his arguments, it’s not petty at all if it is warranted just by virtue of what – and who – people like JR represent. The Liberal Democrats, like all good libertarian political parties, fight tooth and nail for “free speech” – which is really code for the freedom to spread hate and disinforamtion. They have no problem at all in censoring dissent or debate over their daily talking points, fairy-tale narratives, hate mongering and dog whistling.

Although The Spectator has allowed me to post replies to other commenters on very narrow points, my two posts directed to the main article were quickly taken down. I did not keep a copy of the first post, but following is a copy of the second.

The Second Deleted Post with My Interspersed Commentary in Italics

I admire Tucker Carlson, Robert Kennedy Jr, and Miranda Devine, but they’ve all done a disservice recently in fuelling foolish speculation around the assassination of President John F Kennedy. Former US Senator Ron Paul has been right about more things than any other public figure in the past generation … he too is a fool on this subject. At a time when, yes the government is endlessly lying to us about Covid and global warming, we need to resist conflating those well-founded concerns with what was, until recently, wacky theories of the Left.

John Ruddick

You mean like the Trump theory leading up to the 2016 electon that a GOP rival was helping Oswald hand out pro Castro leaflets in New Orleans??? When did the Don switch sides? Or the theory by the good RWNJ and ex General, Edwin Walker, that Oswald had been arrested for the alleged assassination attempt on him [Walker] in April 63 but was ordered released by Robert Kennedy? Or maybe the theories of that good RWNJ professor Oliver P Revilo who gave testimony to the Warren Commission that Oswald was a trained KGB assassin?

Lee Harvey Oswald was a fanatical communist. He was intelligent but psychotic. He shot JFK. He acted alone. This year is the 60th anniversary of that terrible day. We need to set the record straight.

John Ruddick

“Psychotic” said no one ever, least of all any actual medically qualified person who interviewed him or studied his writings. But yes, we do need to set the record straight. That can only be done after the life of Oswald ceases to be used for partisan political purposes. And I can promise, you the record is being set straight. Through something magical callerd evidence.

And while we are at it, he never called himself a Communist. He called himself a Marxist. He knew the difference. You should learn it, too. Nor was he ever “fanatical”. He joined no party, hung out with anti-Communists, and never did any more than hand out a few leaflets in New Orleans in support of the right to travel to Cuba. As a libertarian, I assume you would also supoport that right.

Oswald had a short, miserable, and bizarre life story. He’s the most infamous American of the 20th century, so the hundreds who knew him have come forward. We know a lot about Oswald.

John Ruddick

“Short”, sure. “Miserable”… debatable. “Bizarre”… well that’s one word. “Unique” is another. In the history of the Cold War, I dare you to find another Marxist in the Marines, who later defects to the Soviet Union going via Helsinki – the only place on earth where you could obtain a Russian visa in 2 days thanks to a CIA honeypot trap of the Soviet conular officer, Gregory Golub, who issued the visas. The original aim had been to turn him into an agent-in-place for them but after it became apparent he was a “true believer”, they settled for getting him to grant quickie visas – only available to US citizens. It’s all in the Warren Commission documents and this quickie visa scheme conveniently only began just prior to Oswald’s arrival. Care to explain how Oswald knew where to go? He then stays in the Soviet Union for two and a half years before returning with a Soviet wife and daughter – and the wife happens to be the neice of a colonel in what was the Soviet equivalent of the FBI. On his return, he is surrounded by the Dallas White Russian Community – headed by George Bouhe a leader in the NTS – a Russian emigre group sponsored by the CIA. He also flirts with Left wing politics in NO and then with Right and Left wing politics in Dallas, along with his rich New England “friend” and descendant of a signer of the Declaration of Independence, Michael Paine. In fact, name anyone who crammed so much uniqueness into their short life.

Oswald was born October 18, 1939, in New Orleans but his father died just before his birth which compounded the family’s poverty. He had an older brother and an older half-brother – both of whom were sent to an orphanage when Oswald was born. He too was sent at the age of three to the orphanage, but only briefly. At age five, he and his unloving mother moved to Texas. Oswald changed school six times in Texas. Aged 12, they moved to the Bronx, New York, to live with his half-brother. They were soon asked to leave because of Oswald’s hot temper and threats of violence. The brother reports Oswald being intoxicated with being a ‘great man of history’.

John Ruddick

Lee was too young to put in the orphanage. He was farmed out to relatives until he was old enough. You missed the bit where Marguerite got married in Texas to a finnancially well-off older man named Edwin Ekdahl. The marriage lasted 3 years. Despite the relative brevity of the marriage, he is significant to the Oswald backstory. His office was directly opposite that of Fred Korth in Fort Worth. Korth became his lawyer and was the one who represented Ekdahl in his divorce from Margurerite.

Korth would later become secretary of the Navy under Kennedy and be forced to resign over very dodgy defence contracts a month out from the assassination. Korth, as Navy Secretary, had also been one of those who wanted to nuke Cuba over the Missile Crisis. Ekdahl by the way,, was an electrical engineer, the same as Julius Rosenberg, and he took Lee and Marguerite on “business” trips to Albuquerque, NM, which happened to be the meeting place for those involved in the Manhattan Project. Naturally, therefore, it was also one of the places that the Rosenberg spy ring operated.

John Pic was Lee’s half brother. Pic testified that he was working in the Port Security Unit (PSU) of the Coast Guard at the time his mother and brother lived in New York. No one ever bothered to look up what the PSU actually was – until I did nearly 20 years ago. It was/is the intelligence unit of the Cioast Guard and it’s main focus at that time was ridding the ports of alleged subversives. It did this by utilizing existing networks of FBI and Naval Intelligence informanants. In the 1990s, the Navy finally admitted the PSU did more damage to innocent people than even bodies like the House Unamerican Activities Committee. (HUAC). This was because no informant information was ever verified for accuracy and those named had no right to know who the accuser was or the exact nature of the accasation. So how much did Lee know about his brother’s work?

Lee had idolized John, and the alleged “threats” that allegedly got him and his mother kicked out of the apartment, were a pack of lies. But you would only know that by reading the voluminous reports and interviews that this incident generated. Let’s start by saying that the apartment belonged to Pic’s mother-in-law, and Marguerite and Lee staying there was always just a temporary arrangement. This was because space for them was only available while the mother-in-law was away visiting another daughter.

As I said in my now deleted previous post, you get kudos for recognizing the importance of the Rosenberg case – even if for wildly wrong reasons . One valid reason of several, is that the juvenile centre to which the courts sent Oswald for observation and assessment (named Youth House), was owned and operated by a charitable fund named the Lavanburg Foundation – admistered by members of the Straus family of department store fame. This same foundation also funded Lavanburg Homes which built and administered immigrant “social” housing apartiment blocks – one of which the Rosenbergs called home. In fact, it was the Director of Lavanburg Homes, Abraham Goldberg, who gave Julius Rosenberg the reference he needed to obtain a job as a civilian in the Army Signal Corps, which in turn enabled his hidden career as a Soviet spy. The people who framed Oswald had very deep knowledge of the Rosenberg case, and used parts of it in attempts to paint Oswald as another Julius.

The full article can be found here I will go through the rest of this turgid propaganda and give it the same scrutiny in Part Two..

But for now I’ll just add that one of the things that appalled me the most, as alluded to above, is Ruddick’s opinion that parents who work in low paid jobs are necessarily poor parents in more ways than just in fanancial matters. Parents who sacrifice even personal dignity to keep food on the table, are fucking heroes. No “if”, no “buts”.. I am uncertain what the author actually expected a newly widowed mother of 3 kids to do in a situation where very little, if any, welfare assistance was available. Maybe get the little buggers sweeping chimneys, or picking pockets to earn their keep? Who knows? This dick doesn’t know, and doesn’t care. The same with Lee himself. He was stuck in low paying jobs because of the downgrading of his military discharge – yet he got up every morning and did what he had to do. At the time of his arrest, he had around $180 (just over $5,000 adjusted for inflation) saved toward reuniting his family into an apartment (see Ruth Paine testimony). That is from working in jobs paying no more than $1.25 an hour. But even these savings were used against him, with the money portrayed as being left behind that fateful morning of November 22 because he knew he was not returning. The money had a purpose – the future of his family. He had been adding to it every pay day, and it was always kept where it was found (see Marina Oswald testimony).

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