Roy Lewis Interviews 2018 & 2022 with ROKC legend, Ed Lredoux

Fellow employee of Oswald at the TSBD. Clarifies some misconceptions including that laborers were not allowed to eat lunch in the 2nd floor lunch room. It was strictly for white collar workers. They were however, permitted to go in and buy snacks and drinks from the machines.

Note that some of folllowing audio is of very poor quality. This is extremely disappointing given the historical importance of the material, If you can improve the quality, and would like to help, please get in touch.

Thomas Beckham HSCA

an associate of David Ferrie in New Orleans

Billy Lovelady HSCA
Fellow employee of Oswald at the TSBD

Edward Shields HSCA
Fellow employee of Oswald at the TSBD

Garrison Vs Carson
TV interview between Johnny Carson and Jim Garrison who prosecuted Clay Shaw in New Orleans

George O’Toole HSCA
Conducted voice stress tests on a number of witnesses

James Jarman HSCA

Fellow employee of Oswald at the TSBD

Lee Oswald Debate
Radio debate involving Oswald in New Oreleans

Marina Oswald Six Flags Secret Service Interviews
Widow of Oswald interviewed while in “Protective Custody”

Oswald and Titovets
Recording of Oswald and friend in Minsk

Richard Case Nagell HSCA
Made numerous cryptic claims about himself and Oswald

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