Lee Harvey Oswald’s Cold War Vols One & Two

Parker has significantly expanded our knowledge of the life and times of Lee Oswald. This admirable work should find a comfortable place on the JFK bookshelf right next to Philip Melanson’s essential “Spy Saga: Lee Harvey Oswald and U.S. Intelligence” and John Newman’s “Oswald and the CIA” from 1995. Read ’em and weep.Ross Tarby, freelance journalist

A diligent exploration into the *context* of Oswald’s life and actions. History has given us an official version of events leading to the assassination of JFK, and now it’s up to researchers like Greg Parker to uncover the often uncomfortable truth. This book peels away layer after layer of PR, official talking points and clandestine chicanery, and exposes the fascinating human machinations of Cold War-era spycraft. There is a spider web of connective tissue between players heretofore unexposed; this book fits them into their proper place in the overall tapestry. Recommended for students of history, and for anyone who loves a good mystery.” Mark Valenti, author and screenwriter

The sheer amount of new information on the early years of young Oswald’s life and the spiderweb of connections to players in this case is staggering! A well written, superbly researched and sourced volume.” Rob Clark, The Lone Gunman Podcast

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