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Juan Roa SierraLee Harvey OswaldSirhan Bishara Sirhan
Victim: Jorge Gaitan, leading presidential candidate - Date: April 9, 1948 - Place: Bogota, Colombia - Background: Roa from very large family, raised by single widowed mother. In and out of employment. Had been employed as "runner" by German Embassy in lead up to war. Became interested in occult about 18 months prior to assassination. Was seeing a German palm reader who encouraged him to join Rosicrucian organisation based in California (AMORC). Through this, practiced various rituals and self-hypnosis. Common-law wife left him because of changing personality. Had one child - The assassinationUsed a pistol acquired only a couple days previously. Fired at close range as Gaitan left his office for lunch. Some thought there was an accomplice who appeared to be hiding something under a coat wrapped around his arm. This person was seen to encourage mob retribution before leaving the scene in a car. Roa was then beaten to death - The aftermath: The streets of Bogota erupted int violence - a period now known as  El  Bogotazo (The Bogota Terror). The Government inquiry into the assassination found Roa acted alone. Political and media uproar caused the government to bring in a team from Scotland Yard to review the investigation. This review affirmed the original finding. Known CIA agent John Mepples Espirito, would later admit under interrogation in Cuba that he had arranged the assassination after Gaitan had refused bribes to go into exile. Roa was 26. 
Victim: John Fittzgerald Kennedy - Date: November 22, 1963 - Place: Dallas, Texas, USA - Background: Oswald Was born in New Orleans 2 months after his father died. He had 2 older brothers with the oldest born during a previous marriage. His mother, Marguerite, married a  third time, but this, like her first marriage, ended in divorce after only 3 years.  As a result, Oswald had a series of carers and  series of homes across 3 states.  IN New York, he was sent for psychiatric evaluation because of chronic truancy and was diagnosed as having a personality disorder.  Returning to New Orleans, he joined the Civil Air Patrol and then at age 17, joined the Marines, serving part of his time in South East Asia. Obtaining an early discharge under dubious circumstances, he traveled across Europe and entered the Soviet Union in October, 1959.  After an unsuccessful attempt to defect, he stayed in the country for over 2 years, living in Minsk and working in a radio  factory that had a history in military electronics. During this time, a CIA REDCAP agent was operating in Minsk but was eventually caught and executed. After this, Oswald started making plans on returning to the US, married and had a daughter.  Returning in June, 1962 with his family, Oswald became surrounded y White Russians with CIA ties, and eventually being befriended by a couple from the east with privileged backgrounds and family ties to intelligence. from January, 1963, Oswald's life seems to track alongside people, groups and senate investigations underway. Via serendipitous avenues, he obtained the job in the Texas School Book Depository  
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