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Summary of Essay by John Manning

The Oswald's job essay sought to deal with two major questions:

1) Was Oswald's defection to the Soviet Union done on behalf of a U.S. intelligence agency, specifically the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI)?

2) Was Oswald's job at the Texas School Book Depository, the result of sheer chance and fate, or was it engineered by someone behind the scenes?   


Oswald in Fort Worth and U.S. Intelligence (ONI)

Background:  In June 1962, five days back from his Soviet defection Oswald visited the Fort Worth office of stenographer Pauline Bates to get his "Russia notes" typed up. Bates spent three days typing Oswald's notes. Oswald supposedly wanted to write a book about the Soviet Union. This was the official story. The official story was not true:

1) Pauline Bates worked at office 907 in the Burk Burnett building. This was not her office. Pauline Bates had shared office 907 with lawyer Robert Sansom for seven years prior to Oswald's visit. It was Sansom's office long before Bates moved to Fort Worth.

2) Robert Sansom was a close relative of Fred Korth, the Navy Secretary of the United States. Fred Korth married into the Sansom family in 1934 (he married Vera Sansom Connell). Fred Korth and Robert Sansom had known each other for thirty years.

3) Of all the places in Fort Worth where Oswald could have gotten his Russia notes typed the ex Marine chose the office of a close relative of the U.S. Navy Secretary. Were Oswald's notes preliminary debriefing notes for the Office of Naval Intelligence?

4) Post assassination Pauline Bates stated in a newspaper account that, "He [Oswald] never stated that he was a U.S. secret agent either. But he left that impression."       Bates had put two and two together with her reporter friend who penned the article.

5)Hoover sent his top Fort Worth FBI agent to put out the fire created by Pauline Bates.

6) Hoover's top agent, Tom Carter, failed to report that Pauline Bates shared office 907 with a relative of the Navy Secretary. The Secret Service followed suit in concealing this information.  Robert Sansom was never questioned by the authorities about Oswald, as he should have been. This was clearly a cover-up by the FBI and Secret Service.

7) In her Warren Commission testimony Pauline Bates backed off her statements that Oswald appeared to be a "spy".  Undoubtedly she was pressured by the authorities.

8)  Oswald would later be hired at the TSBD by Roy Sansom Truly, another relative of Fred Korth's wife (4th cousin).


Oswald in Fort Worth and U.S. Intelligence (FBI)

Background: One week after his visit to the Bates/Sansom office Oswald was interviewed by the FBI.  This was the only documented "debriefing" of Oswald by any intelligence agency.  The interview was conducted by senior agent Tom Carter and John Fain.  Did Oswald become an FBI informant at this point?

1) About three weeks after his FBI interview Oswald got a job at Leslie Welding in Fort Worth. He was sent on the interview by Virginia Hale, who was the wife of former FBI agent I.B. Hale, now head of security for the Fort Worth division of General Dynamics.

2) Oswald moved to a house close to his job at Leslie Welding. He cashed ten of his Leslie Welding pay cheques at the nearby Montgomery Ward department store.

3) Oswald may have cashed his cheques at the credit department of Montgomery Ward as he was required to show I.D. to cash the cheques.

4) The head of the credit department of Montgomery Ward was Emner Carter.  Emner Carter was the brother of FBI agent Tom Carter who had recently interviewed Oswald.

5) Was Oswald now being paid as an FBI informant at the Montgomery Ward credit department when he cashed his pay cheques? 

6) Post assassination, agent Tom Carter engaged in a cover-up of the Montgomery Ward episode. Carter interviewed his own brother about Oswald's credit application at the store. He also interviewed his brother about Oswald's address change to P.O. Box 2915 where the assassination rifle was shipped. There is evidence the brothers fabricated Oswald's address change information.

7) It was of course never disclosed in FBI documents filed by agent Tom Carter that he  interviewed his own brother at Montgomery Ward about Oswald.

8) Agent Carter hid Oswald's intelligence ties in Fort Worth. First he concealed the true nature of Oswald's visit to Pauline Bates' office. He then engaged in a cover-up at Montgomery Ward by interviewing his own brother about Oswald's visits there.


Oswald's Book Depository Job:  Was it Chance and Fate or Engineered?

Background: The Warren Commission portrayed the manner in which Oswald obtained his job at the book depository as a matter of chance and fate. Oswald got his job at the depository on October 15, 1963 as a consequence of Buell Wesley Frazier having gotten a job at the depository one month prior in mid September.

It would seem unlikely that Oswald could have been framed for the assassination of President Kennedy in the short, five week period of time between October 15th and November 22nd. Logic would dictate that both Oswald and Frazier's jobs had to have been engineered by persons unknown if there had been a conspiracy to kill the president. Was Frazier a "stalking horse" for Oswald's placement in the book depository?

1) Frazier testified at the Warren Commission that he got his depository job through the Massey Employment agency in Irving, Texas. He even spelled the name out for the Commission.

2) Fifty eight years later in his recent book Frazier belatedly corrected the record. Frazier now states he got his depository job through the Manning Employment Service.  Frazier gave no explanation for how he came to this realization fifty-eight years after the fact.

3) In 1964 Frazier lived four minutes from the Manning agency yet got the name wrong at his Warren Commission testimony. He still had the contract he had signed with the Manning agency and probably owed them fifty percent of his first months wages. Buell Wesley Frazier truly has a convenient and pliable memory.

4) The Manning agency was likely operated by Martha Willhoite upon the death of her sister Emeline Manning. Martha Willhoite ran her own employment agency 400 ft. from the Texas Theatre where Oswald was arrested.

5) There were apparent connections between the Manning agency in Irving, Texas and the industrial security department of General Dynamics in Fort Worth.

6) Mason Lankford worked in the security department of General Dynamics. Mason Lankford was also an agent with the Office of Naval Intelligence (ONI).  Oswald's false defection to the Soviet Union was likely executed on behalf of ONI.

7) Mason Lankford started at General Dynamics in 1948, around the same time as John Douglas Jr., who was the cousin of Emeline Manning.

8) Mason Lankford's mother and John Douglas' aunt were both concert level pianists who performed together as a duo throughout the U.S. since the 1930's. The two women collaborated to create the world famous Van Cliburn piano competition in 1962.

9) Did ONI agent Mason Lankford use his longstanding relationship with the cousin of Emeline Manning to engineer Frazier's placement in the TSBD as a stalking horse for the placement of Oswald?

10) John Douglas Jr. lived three townhome units from Navy Secretary Fred Korth's longtime secretary. He also lived next door to the president of the employment association that his cousin, Emeline Manning, had belonged to.

11) ONI agent Mason Lankford had various avenues by which the placement of Buell Wesley Frazier in the book depository could have been executed.

12) Frazier drove Oswald between the depository and Irving, Texas in the five weeks before the assassination. Frazier was arrested on the day of the assassination by the Dallas police as a possible accomplice in the assassination. Given also that Frazier's job at the depository led directly to Oswald's employment there one month later it seems inconceiviable that the FBI were not aware of how Frazier obtained his book depository job. 

13) Yet the Warren Commission accepted Frazier's incorrect statement that his employment at the depository had come via the Massey agency. Was Frazier instructed to lie about how he had come to be employed at the depository?

14) Such a convoluted approach to the placement of Oswald in the depository could only have been employed to hide the hand of conspirators plotting the assassination of the president. Three individuals associated with the security department of General Dynamics possibly had information with regards to Oswald's intelligence ties. They were theoretically in a position to set him up. Those individuals were Mason Lankford (ONI), I.B Hale (ex-FBI), and Max Clark (with CIA security clearance).


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