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The Curtain Rod Story

As stated by the HSCA investigation, Oswald had told Frazier that the curtain rods were for an APARTMENT (as opposed to a boarding house bedroom) - this was known by the Warren Commission - which also knew that Oswald was looking for an apartment in which to reunite his family.

But did Lee actually bring curtain rods to work on Nov 22?

Apparently not. I believe the plan to hang them that afternoon in an apartment found the previous week , got changed at the last minute.  Intead, Lee was planning on meeting Ruth and Marina to go shopping in Oak Cliff. There were three shoe stores near the Texas Theatre. Ruth Paine testified that Lee had given Marina $10.00 to buy herself some shoes and that they had planned on going shopping for them on the afternoon of Nov 22. The arrival of police stopped that from happening.

Mrs. PAINE - He did give her, I think, $10, just prior, or some time close to the time of the assassination, because she planned to buy some shoes.
Mr. JENNER - Shoes for herself, or her children?
Mrs. PAINE - For herself, flat s. But when he gave that to her I am not certain. I do know that we definitely planned to go out on Friday afternoon, the 22d of November, to buy those shoes. We did not go.
Mr. JENNER - That is you girls planned to do that?
Mrs. PAINE - She and I did; yes.

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