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William Morgan and Lee Oswald

William Morgan was a soldier of fortune hired by the CIA to infiltrate the Castro revolution.

On leaving the US to join that revolution he publicly declared that he would "kill any American Marines who attempted to invade Cuba or to interfere with Castro's objectives." This was in 1957.

In 1959, Lee Oswald allegedly wrote to his brother Robert from Moscow that "in the event of war I would kill any American who put a uniform on in defense of the American government—any American."

This is part of a pattern - mostly undetected in the literature - as this was - of copying the words/actions of others and attributing them to Oswald. In some instances post-assassination, they even "borrow" some of his own known actions in Minsk and reimagine them as having occurred in Dallas as part of the frame. 

The wider part of the frame - the part painting him as a deranged commie wannabe is a pastiche of little known historical deceptions, gems and trivia such as the above. 

There is no way that Lee wrote that to his brother and his brother just brushed it off without doing or saying anything. Robert and John were Patriots first and foremost.

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