Summing it up

Welcome to the Natural Causes Logline community.

Summarize your day, you week, your life. Review your favorite movies and music. Form groups around hobbies, past-times and special interests. A friendly, safe and secure place to hang out.

You can:

  • upload media
  • keep in touch with family and friends
  • meet like-minded people
  • create piblic and private groups
  • be confident that your privacy is protected and secure

What you won’t have to worry about:

  • spammers
  • trolls
  • bullies
  • extremists of any stripe


There will be zero tolerance for any of the above. There will also be a zero tolerance of any material that is, or may, be illegal in any democratic jurisdiction.


Note that this is social media and as such, is not meant for serious research or debate. If that is what you are looking for, your Natural Causes membership log-in will allow you to post in the forum section of the site as well as here. Alternatively, you can send a blog entry or essay to for consideration.


If you find all of this to be a good alterntive to other social media, why not invite your friends to join?

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