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Rugby League & the Battle for Hearts & Minds in the West

Campbelltown is only 35 kms from the heart of Sydney as the crow flies – yet growing up there in my formative years in the late ’60s through most of the 1970s, it may as well have been a world away. It was for instance, a timed and expensive STD call to phone the city, and to get there by public transport was a train straight from a Hitchcock film, with those separate little compartments made for going on epic cross continent adventure. Add sleeping berths and a food carriage and you’re on the poor man’s Orient Express.

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Disaster Relief

In the wake of the wholly inadequate response by the Federal government to the unfolding and worsening bush fire crisis across the country, PM Scott Morrison announced a two billion dollar rural rebuilding fund.

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Why I Joined the Science Party

After surviving a major cardiac event and subsequent heart bypass surgery in 2016, I slowly developed a whole new outlook . Note here that I was going to say “after suffering” a major cardiac event etc, but the fact is, I was drugged up to the hilt . It was my family who suffered. For months, I could barely walk, let alone “do” anything. Then there was the loss of income and ability to be active in any meaningful sense.

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