Disaster Relief

In the wake of the wholly inadequate response by the Federal government to the unfolding and worsening bush fire crisis across the country, PM Scott Morrison announced a two billion dollar rural rebuilding fund.

Why I Joined the Science Party

After surviving a major cardiac event and subsequent heart bypass surgery in 2016, I slowly developed a whole new outlook . Note here that I was going to say “after suffering” a major cardiac event etc, but the fact is, I was drugged up to the hilt . It was my family who suffered. For months, I could barely walk, let alone “do” anything. Then there was the loss of income and ability to be active in any meaningful sense.

When Justice Denied Becomes the Excuse to Continue Denying it

My quest to have Lee Oswald exonerated via the Innocence Project started in 2015 when I first became aware of the infamous Reid Interrogation Technique and recognized this as the technique being used on Oswald as well as some witnesses in the case. It may be DNA that gets most innocent people exonerated, but it is the Reid Technique that landed them behind bars in the first place.