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While Moaner Lisas and Sad Sackers
Kids of spoilers and detractors
Turn around and say good morning to the night
For unless they see the sky
But they can't and that is why
They know not if it's dark outside or light
          with apologies to Bernie and Elton...

Moaner Lisas

Almost a fortnight ago I made a rare visit to Twitter and noticed on my feed, a discussion between RFK assassination author, Lisa Pease and one of her followers. I chimed in with a reply to a comment about the descriptions given of the so-called “girl in the polka-dot dress.”

One person it DOES describe is a girl Sirhan had the hots for and who was mentioned in his notebook more than RFK was. His notebook also names sex-magick rituals used to win her affection.

Lisa replied: “I read those notebooks – more than are in other people’s books. There aren’t sex magic rituals. Someone put that there to sell books. Crazy.”

My reply: The girl in question was the carrot. He was led to believe he could win her over with those rituals (which included self-hypnosis). Instead, they programmed him while he was under. Same MO as used with Roa in Bogata 20 years earlier. Except it was a different carrot – not a girl.

Lisa replied: “Not true. Where did you read that? Is that in Brad’s book? Not true, and Munir would confirm.

My reply: “This is my research. I stopped reading books on JFK and RFK years ago. The fact that his notes are full of her name because he was lusting after her – & that he was learning about sex magick leads to the conclusion she was the key for them to get into his head in order to program him.

Lisa replied: “You’re talking about Gwen Gumm? Yes, obsessed with her, as was every other man who knew her. But sex magick? Please.

It is well-known that Sirhan had the hots for two females. Gwen Gum was one. Lisa had a fifty-fifty chance of getting it right and blew it.

At this point it was obvious that Lisa had no more of an idea than any other author on the case as to what some of the contents of the notebook actually were, let alone what they mean. I thought I would help her out by explaining

Not in any book. My research. Easy to miss unless you know what you’re looking for. Those stars are Star Sapphires (Sirhan spelled it as “saffires”). That is a sex magick ritual

I followed that up with further evidence: “a few pages after the star sapphire entry, we have: ‘Black Magic Magic Black Magic? 44 44′ Crowley’s Book of Lies describes the Star Sapphire ritual in Chapter 36. In Chapter 44 we find the Mass of the Phoenix – another sex magic ritual. Not so crazy.”

The Art of Blocking

Blocking someone from asking forbidden questions continues – and any efforts to look further – is met with suspicion, distrust and a sort of erasure. You become invisible.” Rose Lynn Mangan November 9, 2016

I was then replied to by another of her followers, linking to a book on Crowley that suggests he was tied up with intelligence networks.

I replied to that person with the following: “He [Sirhan]was moving in circles that would know about Crowley. And he was learning about the sex magick rituals via a speaker, not a book – that is the logical explanation for his misspelling of sapphire.”

By now you could almost see the steam coming out of Lisa’s ears. This just did not fit with her theories so I could not possibly be right – a situation she constantly moans about in regard to others when they are confronted with new evidence, or evidence that goes against their own books.

Her replies (which I did not see until logging out after she blocked me): “Do you realize how crazy that sounds – “moving in circles that would know” – that’s the stuff I hate when conspiracy theorists do it. He “would” “should” “could” but maybe DIDN’T – guilt by association is a silly path.” and “You should at least read the one book by the person who has read more files than anyone else on this case. “

Oh dear.

Let’s start with the second comment first. She cannot possibly know she has read more files on the case than anyone else. Nor does reading anything mean you actually understand it. And nor will government or police files ever be enough in cases like this.

Not understanding what you are reading in Lisa’s case (and ditto for some other authors for that matter) is demonstrated by not realizing what the star diagrams with the word “saffire” underneath really meant. Or that the notation “Black Magic Magic Black Magic? 44 44” was a reference to Crowley’s Book of Lies, chapter 44 which is about yet another sex magick ritual.

The idea that this is somehow crazy is not driven by the data pointed to, but by her own need to dismiss it on purely ego-driven grounds.

The facts are that during the 1950s and 1960s, the occult was all-pervasive in pop culture – a fail-proof mirror of what is happening in the real world. It cropped up in everything from Gilligan’s Island to Get Smart!, from art movements to suburban parties, from the CIA to Charlie Manson, from philosophy to philanthropy. Add that to the fact that Sirhan was a known member of the Rosicrucian order, AMORC and read books on theosophy – two movements with links to Crowley’s teachings. Pease’s curt summation that it is “crazy” to interpret the outlined notes from Sirhan as being connected to Sex Magick, is therefore itself…. well… crazy…

In another segment of the discussion, there was this exchange:

Me: The hit [on RFK] was from the Jorge Gaitan playbook from 20 years earlier in Bogata. Pistol. Close range. Suspicious person quickly leaving the scene. Patsy (in this case, murdered by mob). Patsy a member of AMORC and practicing self-hypnosis. Victim, a liberal presidential frontrunner.

Lisa: “I talk about that in my book, yes.”

Me (flabbergasted that she had forgotten who she stole it from): Yes, I know. You got it from a brief online article I wrote. My own 2014 book covers it extensively.

My parting comment after realizing she had blocked me:

Real mature Lisa. Blocking me for giving you some facts you never had. Ego in this business is rampant. But you made a mistake in assuming I am someone you can condescendingly dismiss as having read some books. What little I know is not from conspiracy books but from my own work.

& Sad Sackers

Last month it was bought to my attention that Carmine Savastano was using social media to accuse me and many others of all manner of wrong-doing. Carmine is an author of a fairly lackluster tome on the JFK, RFK and MLK cases and a regular on podcasts covering those assassinations.

Since twitter was one of his main haunts, I tried to check what he had been saying only to find I had been pre-emptively blocked – despite never having had any previous contact through that platform.

Some screen captures were sent to me and they confirmed it. Carmine’s incoherent screeds were classic examples of someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder under stress.

In one tweet for example, he said “I have proof of Chinese and possible domestic hackers on my computer by some group I would imagine.:

this was posted as proof he was being hacked by the Chinese

His accusations against me included 7 years of stalking and hacking his online accounts as part of an international spying operation to stop his “important” research – and of making a phony facebook persona in order to threaten my own kids and gain sympathy. That at least, was partly true – my kids were threatened in 2015 or thereabouts by a person using the name “rey, rey, rey” – a follower of JFK fake witness Judyth Baker. He or she disappeared soon after the threat was made, facing a backlash from those who saw it.

Some Background

March 2014: Carmine joined ROKC in order to plug his upcoming book, “Two Princes & a King” – a simple primer for the three major assassinations of the 1960s. No one was familiar with him at all prior to his arrival. As can be seen in the link, he was warmly welcomed.

August 2014: Carmine shows the first signs that he is hyper-sensitive to any real or perceived criticism when he gets into an argument with another member. The argument itself was less concerning that his inability to substantiate his claims, instead conducting his argument by making repetitive assertions. As another member put it “responding to critics brought out his typing Tourette’s whereby his posts were mostly gibberish.”. And that is exactly what we have seen from him more recently.

2015: Carmine, in typical narcissist fashion, was engulfed by the need for revenge against being so “wronged” and kicked off his crusade against ROKC by attacking the evidence supporting Oswald’s alibi. This alibi was recorded by the FBI and has him outside watching the motorcade for a brief period. Carmine’s behavior was so bizarre during this period that he was indeed lampooned for it by some members. But that was only after sustained efforts to get him to behave rationally all failed. He soon deleted his account and left.

2015: Carmine joined the JFK Education Forum and entered a thread on the alibi evidence where he baited and trolled relentlessly, drawing rebukes from the administrator: “I am locking this thread for a day. Carmine Savastano, the criticisms made by other members that you do not engage in the discussion but circumvent the issues with language and opinion, appears – to me – to be valid.” and later “Guys I have read the last three pages and what I have read is truly embarrassing. Carmine there is no question but that you are winding members up. And Lee, and Robert I would prefer you to ignore Carmine’s taunts and not give further food for his taunts.”

Carmine responded by demanding his account be deleted along with all of his posts.

He then joined yet another forum where I am told a similar pattern followed.

As can be seen in the links provided, I was nothing but polite to Carmine despite his behavior. In the back of my mind, I knew there was something wrong with him. But the fact is that after he stopped trolling, and disrupting discussions, I gave him no further thought.

In the intervening years, he started turning up at conferences, running facebook groups and appearing on podcasts – while apparently attempting to build his own media empire.

I can understand his popularity as a speaker. He has a deeply resonant baritone voice and a hearty laugh. It got him regular spots on The Ochelli Effect with Chuck Ochelli and The Lone Gunman Podcast with Rob Clark, and occasional spots on other podcasts. In fact, it appears that both Chuck and Rob were part of his media empire building efforts.

Podcasting fallout

Chuck Ochelli did the right thing and made the decision not to have Carmine back on the show until he was more stable. Carmine reacted by adding Chuck to his growing enemies list. Chuck became so distraught from dealing with the situation that he had to take time off.

Rob Clark took a different approach. He spoke to Carmine a few times and decided he sounded okay and was convinced he had evidence for all of his claims. After all, Carmine said he did. Good enough for Rob. On that basis, he decided to have Carmine back to explain himself and except for a couple of slips, Carmine was indeed able to sound as Clark claimed “okay”. But there was simply no evidence provided for anything – and nor was that expected since it is all only in his head. Sounding “okay” in speech is one thing – but his claims remained absurd and in some cases, downright impossible. Apart from that, he was suspended from Twitter and other social media sites after a flood of complaints and started posting on a large scale to facebook – so far with seeming immunity. In reality, what appears to be saving him on that platform is his lack of coherence. Complaints lodged to facebook are not looked at by human eyes, but assessed by a program.

Rob Clark has flagged his intention to keep having Carmine on his show- despite knowing he is in a very fragile mental state. When it was bought to Clark’s attention that this should not be happening, he accused me of trying to interfere in his source of income. Put another way, Clark knows people love a train wreck. Clark’s behavior regarding Carmine therefore could only be described as abysmal.

While Carmine may be able to imitate “normality” in speech, his social media posts show no such ability. Some of his screeds defy description and should his remaining social media platforms close the door on him, he will not be able to keep control on air. It will be his last remaining platform to unleash the demons in his head.

Clark is blinded by both greed and by Carmine’s affected charm, common with narcissism.

Narcissistic Personality Disorder

These are some of the childhood issues which may cause development of NPD in later years.

  • Being born with an oversensitive temperament
  • Learning manipulative behavior from parents or peers
  • Being excessively praised for good behaviors and excessively criticized for bad behaviors
  • Suffering from severe childhood abuse or neglect
  • Inconsistent or unpredictable parental caregiving
  • Growing up with unrealistic expectations from parents
  • Being excessively pampered or overindulged by parents, peers, or family members
  • Being excessively admired with no realistic feedback to ground you with reality
  • Receiving excessive praise from parents or others focused on your looks or abilities

Carmine has mentioned on several occasions that he has had deaths among close family members in recent times. That could certainly trigger a relapse into narcissistic behaviors. – especially if those close relatives were responsible for any of the above.

There are six masks that the narcissist can wear. Carmine has been running the full gamut as seen on his facebook page. All quotes are exactly as written by Carmine on Facebook.

The Victim: This is the kind of person who is always the victim of the situation. All of their ex’s are crazy, they can’t hold down a good job because of bad luck, they don’t have friends because people are too jealous of them, and so on, endlessly.

Well booted them again. This time however, I had direct attacks on my flash drive a few inoperable, hence the targets of the attacks on my flash drive. One against the media mistakes I had, media, likely NYT who I was responsible in part for having them fire Wells for 1619 lies. Another was James DiEugenio, hence the ROKC and him likely or he commanded them to do so. Finally the CIA, attacking files I already have on my website, the robots there futher prove and so does these screenshots. Hence, court and jail for some. FYI. See the Mac OS, I have a PC. I remember from earlier. #Myhtech1 #mycroftedagain #Facebookhacks #PE1 Facebook Engineering

The Lover: The life of this type of narcissist revolves around their own sexual gratification and they will seek to boost their ego by jumping into bed with many different partners. To them, the number of notches on their bedpost is a sign of their attractiveness and success.

Although he has not bragged of his prowess in this area. he has at times referred to females he finds attractive (despite being married), is constantly posting photos of himself and commenting on his own looks.

The Workaholic They are the best at their job; always at peak performance. There is no one as capable, responsible, committed, and successful at their job than this person. They can talk about it endlessly (in fact, they will rarely talk about anything else), no matter the actual job the narcissist has. Every time they talk, you have the feeling that you are listening to the owner of a multinational company, or at least it seems that way.

By the way, the SUPER SECRET, HIGHLY CONTAINED INFO IS OVER 50 years old you dullards! It is open source information you were too lazy to conceal do not blame me for your mistakes you reprehensible fools. A few decades later are you not? Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

The Rescuer: They are always there for you. To help you out with errands, to organize a perfect weekend away, to wash the dishes with you after a party, to give you advice about that new job you are hesitating over. They will always be there for you, to protect you and take care of you.

I said that on Twitter to save lives, like my to Transgender community comment about health checks, akin to my advice for weight loss. Similar to my advice for water using aquafers in Texas, resembling my commentary to use trucks to power homes, related to checks for people, aligned with a jobs program, seeking reparations, offered 1619 corrections and Wells is fired. I noted election inconsistencies, elucidated about Russiagate, propounded on JFK and RFK. it seems I have been quite busy and they do not like people surviving. I do. #CE1 #Myhtech1 #CABS #SKMM

The Elitist: The elitist narcissist is filled with overwhelming self-esteem. Self-centered and pretentious, they are addicted to the other’s admiration. We are talking about a bragger and a one-upper with a need to be the best and prove that they are superior in every way.

The Crimson Emperor, Carminio Hadrian Hannibal Charles Armand Arturo Bregola Sebastiano the I. The Blood Emperor, eventual Lord of Imperial English Empire and its holdings that include India, Austrialia, and Falkland Islands, The Holy Roman Empire that includes most of Europe, The Imperial Japanese Empire that includes Japan and the islands, The Ottoman Empire that included much of Middle East, and The Russian Empire that included most of Asia. De Jure bastard line claims on all of them. Count my gold.

The Martyr (closely related to the Rescuer) This kind of narcissist devotes their life to helping others. They might come up with statements like “I’m the most helpful person I know,” or “I will be known for the good deeds I have done.” Basically, we are talking about the type of person who is so altruistic and self-sacrificing that even a saint will seem like a selfish jerk compared to them.

Unfortunately my Twitter account is hacked again it appears I cannot post in any way on Twitter, this is the 8th or 9th time, they want some new additional layer for me to access my account, no. I done with it, my account can stay on there until I collect all of its information, it remind people, what is not censored all the things they might have had if they had been nice. Twitter is compromised service and does not want my help it appears, lest they would protect me as I protected them. Happy to extend my services for reasonable rates in future to others but I am done with helping people who do not show gratitude. I cannot understand if they are control how this can keeps happening, if want me to leave just let me know, happy to do so. Plenty of requests elsewhere abroad from people who can show gratitude. – CABS

I bear Carmine no ill-will. He literally cannot help himself. I would however, ask that everyone boycott the Lone Gunman Podcast until host Rob Clark commits to not having Carmine back until he is mentally stable.

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