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Call for More Games in Campbelltown

The stadium plays host to several Wests Tigers home games each year, however that number has reduced over the past 20 years.

The A-League's newest side, Macarthur Bulls FC, will also call the ground home when it enters the competition next season.

"Campbelltown and the wider Macarthur region are growing at a rapid rate and to be brutally honest, three or four NRL games each year at the venue doesn't cut the mustard," Mr Warren said.

"We want more games and we deserve more games.

"Playing more games at Campbelltown Sports Stadium over the coming weeks and months - even if they are behind closed doors - will hopefully open the eyes of NRL heavyweights and show them why the venue deserves to host more games each year.


It seems to me that Greg Warren was sorely tempted to suggest Campbelltown deserved and needed its own team. In politics, it is not always easy to say exactly what you want to say. One way that this can be overcome is by helping the politicians understand that a particular idea actually does have a lot of community support.

What I suggest we can do is write to:

The Hon. Stuart Ayres, MP Minister for Western Sydney

The Hon, Greg Warren, MP Shadow Minister for Western Sydney

The Hon. Dr (Geoff) Geoffrey Lee MP Acting Minister for Sport

The Hon. Lynda Voltz Shadow Minister for Sport

You can copy and paste this email, or write your own. Just change the "to" and "from" details
The Hon. uart Ayres, MP Minister for Western Sydney

I am writing to you after reading the following article published in the Macarthur Advertiser on May 18:

The gist of the article is a lack of NRL games played out of the Campbelltown Sports Ground and makes the argument that the Macarthur district needs and deserves a better sporting deal from the most popular winter sport in the state.

I would take the argument one step further: Macarthur deserves more than just extra games. It deserves it's own team. There would seems three ways for this to happen

  1. For Wests Tigers to relocate to Macarthur full-time (thus reducing the Sydney-centricity of the competition).
  2. For Western Suburb Magpies to split from West Tigers, move to Campbelltown and be renamed the Macarthur Magpies
  3. For a new franchise to throw its hat into the ring in any future expansion talks.

The projected growth of the area is well known, and forms one plank of the rationale. The other is that the area is a huge nursery of Rugby League talent - talent which should have a local pathway into the top-tier competition.  Local options, instead of increasing, are actually shrinking.

Whilst it may be a matter for the NRL and Wests Ashfield, the fact is that both are inexplicably reluctant to consider such options and, against all evidence, claim that the Macarthur area is already well looked after by the NRL. If looking after the Macarthur area means killing the game off in the area, then, yes, they are "looking after it". But if you agree that this flies in the face of the evidence, then there are surely things that can and should be done at the political level to rescue Rugby League in the southwest.

This is not about competing with A-League for the area. Newcastle for one, has shown that the community can and will get behind teams in more than one sport competing at the national level.

Yours Respectfully,
Greg R Parker