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Corona Virus

There is something there for everyone...

Comics can make light of the name (i.e. Corona beer had to be renamed something less threatening, so they called it Ebola beer)

Wowsers can also point to the name as a sign of the evils of alcohol

Evangelicals can see the light at the end of their rapturous tunnel

Other doomsdayers  can live the dream by stocking up on all the essentials of life - which is apparently mainly toilet paper and rice

Cynics can scoff (that's scoff, not cough) at everyone else, claiming it is less lethal than common colds or flu.

Raving nutter Bronwyn Bishop can claim it is a Chinese Communist Party conspiracy to rid China of all non-productive workers while simultaneously bringing the Western world into recession... the upshot (of which Bronwyn seems to have missed...) would be the inability of the West to buy the goods pumped out by the remaining productive workers.

Meanwhile please heed the government's message: "This is MUCH worse than the GFC where Australia was recession-proofed by a 50 billion dollar stimulus package, but don't panic. We are going to throw a fifth of that amount at it this time." Yeah, that should work.

The fires, floods and imminent pandemic don't worry me nearly as much as the fact that the world is - not to put too fine a point on it - going completely fucking bananas.

Never mind. As long as the football and Olympics are uninterrupted, I'll survive.

No. Seriously. I will.