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David Atlee Phillips, The de Mohrenschildts and Priscilla Johnson MacMillan

All connected by famed architect Marion Syms Wyeth... note that this is not to suggest that they all knew each other - just that it is very possible that they did.

In 1955, the architect Marion Syms Wyeth introduced Phillips as a guest speaker at a function in Chile.

"Marion Syms Wyeth introduced the speaker" (unforunately link no longer works)

From one of Tom Scully's posts at jfkassassinationforum

"Marion Syms Wyeth lived in Palm Beach and died in 1983. In 1940 Wyeth designed and built his own house on Woodbridge Road. Two doors down from was the home of Philip Sharples, in-law of DeMohrenschildt from 1950 to 1957. Marion Syms Wyeth's son MS Wyeth, Jr. was Priscilla McMillan's and Marina Oswald's very patient Harper's editor from 1965 to publication of "Marina and Lee" in 1977."