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False addresses backstopped after arrest

This in regard to David Christ and his Cuban bug team...

"The men were provided with this cover as well as unbackstopped homes addresses for use when entering or leaving Cuba as tourists since the filling out of the landing card requires this information. Subsequent to their detention the home addresses have been partially backstopped so that inquiries will indicate that someone with this alias name had lived in the apartment house in question. Insofar as the cover companies are concerned, efforts are being made to provide a backstop to withstand inquiries from the press should the Cubans reveal this information. In view of the thinness of cover, it is uncertain whether this will succeed."
The Oswald Code by AJ Weberman

If I read this correctly, addresses were chosen for the 3 prior to going to Cuba - but nothing was done until AFTER they were arrested, to put in place some evidence to "backstop" the deceit.

This may be worth bearing in mind regarding Oswald where 2 or 3 addresses have large question marks over them and appearing to be only be backstopped - minimally - after his November 22 arrest. It may even explain how the police were so quick off the mark in finding out about the N Beckley Rooming house.

It is more than possible that some person or agency gave those addresses to Oswald to use while he was in fact, staying somewhere else.  Any number of cover stories could have been devised to get him to do this.