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George de Mohrenschildt and Bishop College

DeM's employment at the all Black, Bishop College is sometimes cited as evidence he was not a Nazi.

It does not however, mean he was not a Fascist or, at very least, a Liberal in the European sense since neither Fascism nor classical conservatism are intrinsically racist ideologies. Indeed, it may only show that he was a man whose allegiance was up for grabs.

There is however, another dimension to Bishop College that may hold the real key to his employment there.

In 1961, it was sponsored by the Hoblitzelle Foundation to move to Dallas. The HF was a CIA conduit and a major player in Left gate-keeping through the Congress for Cultural Freedom. George Bouhe worked for Lewis McNaughton who was on the board of the Republican Bank, along with Karl Hoblitzelle who had set up the foundation.

The Zale Foundation was another which handed over money. It was started by a wealthy White Russian in the jewelry business, Morris Zale.

What is described in the link above as "bankruptcy" forcing the closure of the school in the '80s, is described elsewhere as a financial scandal.