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How the West Coast Pirates can Help the Magpies

The Pirates plan to enter the NRL is one that may work in the Magpies favor. The big difference at the moment is that they have a major sponsor, a plan and local media and fan support for that plan.

From the Pirates website:

Our cannons are loaded and we’re aiming high. By 2022, The Cash Converters West Coast Pirates will be among the top five most recognised and respected Sporting Brands in Australia.

We aim to have our own state-of-the art training facilities and clubhouse, we’ll have our sights set on competing in the NSW RL Intrust Super Premiership Competition [now Canterbury Cup]

As I understand it, the NRL has rejected the Pirates proposals, but as in politics, things can change rapidly in the sporting world.

But how would this help the Magpies?

I think if the Pirates make it into the Canterbury Cup while based in Perth,  it opens the door to a national 2nd tier competition which would see amalgamations within the Canterbury Cup and Qld Cup to form this new competition with the Pirates.

That in turn, opens the possibility of relegation and promotion between the two tiers.

Even if it doesn't, the Pirates using the Canterbury Cup as the stepping stone to the NRL provides a blueprint or a pathway or whatever other euphemism you want to use, for the Magpies to follow. But we need that community support, We need that media support.  And we need a major sponsor... the three things we have known along, remain key.

Our Magpies groups may be small, but we have to keep them going. They are the link between the Dream of a return and the  reality of getting momentum and a sponsor. It won't happen unless some of us keep that dream alive.

I am absolutely convinced of one thing. In any framing of the above scenarios, the Wests Tigers should cut all ties with the Macarthur district and the Magpies name and be the stand alone club it wants to be - or revert to being known as they already are by the Media - Balmain - or change the name to the City Tigers. I don't care as long as they are not dragging the Maggies along.

The reborn Western Suburbs Magpies (or Macarthur Magpies) can then rebuild at Campbelltown for the Canturbury Cup and hopefully another tilt at the NRL on the back of any changes to competitions that the Pirates entry forces.