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Oswald attendance at Beauregard Jr High

1953-54 shows 5 days absent and 179 remaining school days in that year. Oswald was not enrolled for the full school year. The total  school days that year is obtained by adding the absences to the "re-ad" (available remaining days) figure. This gives a total of 184 days. To obtain the number of school days Oswald actually attended, you would need his start date at the school.

1954-1955 shows 12 days absent and 168 remaining school days in that year. Oswald was enrolled for the full year, so this latter figure also equals days attendance for a total of 180 school days that year.

Note that Louisiana has set a minimum number of school days of 177 in a school year.

It became necessary to go into the Beauregard records and to understand them. This was because other's had been representing the records as proving that Oswald had 179 days attendance at Beauregard in 1953-54, which in turn meant "overlap" with PS 44 in New York. This representation of the records had the single purpose of adding weight to the theory contained in the book "Harvey & Lee". That is, that "Harvey" was attending one school at the same time as "Lee" was attending another. Unfortunately for them, the facts do not agree. "Harvey" is not a creature of the CIA, but of the research equivelent of "creative accounting".