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Sport on TV in the lockdown

With virtually no major sport happening around the globe, will the early resumption of the Australian  NRL (Rugby League) and AFL (Australian Football) from May 28 for NRL and June for AFL mean more exposure for those sports on US television?

For my American friends, Rugby League is not the same as Rugby (known as Rugby Union in Australia).  Rugby League broke away from Rugby and formed a separate set of rules. The reason for the breakaway was that working men could not take time off work for training and playing amateur sport (which Rugby was for many decades), so this new variation would be a semi-professional sport. This divide was really important in that Rugby was played by those with the means to afford it. Rugby League on the other hand was open to anyone regardless of background.

Despite now being a fully professional sport, NRL players still largely come from working class backgrounds.

If it is picked up by say ESPN, this is an example of what to expect.