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The 2nd floor lunchroom encounter - a reply to Barry Ernest

Mr. Ernest tries his darndest to remediate the deadwood that is the 2nd floor lunchroom encounter.

here is what he is missing:

Of course, no one ever said that anyone was threatened to get on board with a phony 2nd floor lunchroom story, as claimed in the linked blog. That type of straw argument undermines the integrity of  his own  position.

What BE left out:

An operation like this needs an inside man. That man was Roy Sansom Truly who was a cousin to Vera Sansom Connell – the wife of Fred Korth who Korth separated from straight after the assassination. Korth was familiar with the Oswald’s, having been the personal attorney for Edwin Ekdahl – Marguerite’s third husband. Korth was forced to resign as Navy Secretary in October 1963 due to ongoing scandals – investigations of which ceased when his friend LBJ took office.

Baker’s affidavit was taken in the same small room where Oswald was being kept awaiting interrogation. Yet despite being able to eyeball him, he failed to either describe him accurately, or acknowledge in the statement that Oswald was indeed the person encountered. Nor does the statement mention anything about a lunchroom or spotting Oswald through any doorways. It is also noteworthy that Baker was kept incommunicado until his star turn at the Warren Commission. Why? Every other cop involved was yapping non-stop to the media. Baker was never asked by any investigator to explain the gaping discrepancies between his 1st day statement and his WC testimony - discrepancies that go way beyond any alleged mix-up over the floor number - which is the only discrepancy that defenders of this bullshit want you to focus on. 

We also have the fact that the second, third and fourth floors were all sublet to book companies – that space included the second floor lunchroom. Laborers were barred from using it, except to go and make purchases from the machines. This was confirmed in an interview a few years ago by employee Roy Lewis. He confirmed that the book companies did not allow the laborers to eat up there. This is perfectly in line with the times. The companies would not want their white collar employees having to rub shoulders with dirty, unkempt blue collar workers.

Lastly, it is debatable that Baker even ran into the building with Truly. Several employees were questioned about it by the commission. They all recalled Truly going in. None recalled Baker The closest we get is Troy West who said Truly came in with a bunch of officers and FBI men. I believe Baker actually ran into the Dal-Tex – which up until a few months earlier had housed the TSBD, and some cops did not know it was now at 411 Elm. There was at least a reason to run to the Dal-Tex since there were two arrests OF MEN WHO HAD BEEN ON THE THIRD FLOOR (as in Baker’s initial THIRD OR FOURTH FLOOR) of that building and wre brought to the attention of police outside by a porter.

Recall that Baker also said he was not sure which building that he saw pigeons fly from - 411 Elm - or the building opposite.

The fake story of the second floor was cobbled together from Baker’s real encounter in the Dal-Tex, Oswald stating he was on the first floor, but had gone up to the 2nd floor for a coke and then briefly gone out to watch the motorcade. Since Oswald said he had encountered Truly and a cop (it was Kaminski, not Baker) in a vestibule post-assassination, the only other place they could get away with calling a vestibule was the space outside the second floor lunchroom. Vestibules are however, traditionally, spaces just inside front entrances to a building. We do have a report that Truly and Kaminski were stationed at the entrance to vet staff cleared to leave.

The story is completely bogus from start to finish and those who continue to cling to it should do everyone a favor and hang up their deerstalker.

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