Wikileaks Reveals Murdoch has Crystal Balls

In light of a current podcast series on the downfall of the Whitlam Government, I republish this 6/27/2014 entry from

Sydney Morning Herald
Phillip Dorling June 27, 2014

Other diplomatic cables previously released by the US National Archives and published by WikiLeaks in mid-2013 revealed that Mr Murdoch foresaw the downfall of Whitlam’s Labor government a year before its dismissal.

In November, 1974, US Ambassador Marshall Green reported to Washington that Murdoch privately predicted that “Australian elections are likely to take place in about one year, sparked by refusal of appropriations in the Senate”. 

One year later, on November 11, 1975 Governor-General Sir John Kerr dismissed Mr Whitlam as the prime minister after the Liberal-Country Party opposition blocked the budget in the Senate. 

Let’s add a bit more history to this.

Bert Milliner was a Labor Senator from Queensland. He died suddenly of  a massive heart attack on June 30, 1975. By convention, if a Senator is unable to see out his/her term, the “losing” state via the government of that state replaces them with someone from the same party and allows that party to make their own nomination. As it happens, Queensland at that time was run by a pure despot from the Christian Right – and he defied convention by ignoring the Labor nomination and appointing Albert Field, a (very recent) Labor Party member. Importantly, Field was also a critic of the Whitlam government and took leave from the Senate immediately after entering it.

The opposition party also defied convention by not “pairing”. This means they did not stand one of their own members down when voting occurred to make up for the loss of Field’s vote. By defying this convention, they had the numbers to block the supply of money and bring about the constitutional crisis that allowed the Governor General (who turned out to have some suspicious connections of his own) to call on his reserve powers.

Using those powers, the Governor General stood the government down pending a new election – one that given the mud thrown by Murdoch papers, the Whitlam government had no chance of winning.

I have always suspected Millner was murdered. This reinforces it. There is no way that Murdoch could draw on any history or current event that would help him foresee the wildly unlikely set of circumstances that led to Whitlam’s downfall. And not only did he get those unlikely and unprecedented details correct – he also got the timing correct. 

Make no mistake: Murdoch is now implicated in a very suspicious death.

Addendum: following are comments and a reply by me made at the time this was first posted.

Richard Raznikov 8/9/2014 13:45:50

Surely you are aware of the CIA cable on removal of Whitlam government which triggered Boyce’s theft of CIA material and his sale of it to the Soviets in Mexico City. Film Falcon & the Snowman is based on this.

Reply Greg 8/9/2014 18:04:13

Yes, Richard… I probably should have added that. My main focus though was on highlighting the death of Senator Milliner. It’s a death that has never been regarded as “suspicious” simply because it was from “natural causes”. For the downfall of the Whitlam government, a senate vacancy had to be created on the Labor side with the vacancy filled by a puppet. So it goes even deeper… the vacancy had to come from a state corrupt enough to go against protocol and supply just such a puppet. So we need a retired or dead senator. Must be from the Labor Party. Must be from Queensland. And lo… right on cue… a Labor senator from Queensland drops dead.

Paul Jones 1/31/2015 19:51:55

Thank you for your efforts. My father was one of the highest ranking officers in defence in Australia during the 60’s. He told me that it was carried out by the cia. This was the army intelligence assessment.

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