When Justice Denied Becomes the Excuse to Continue Denying it


Efforts to Involve the Innocence Project

My quest to have Lee Oswald exonerated via the Innocence Project started in 2015 when I first became aware of the infamous Reid Interrogation Technique and recognized this as the technique being used on Oswald as well as some witnesses in the case. It may be DNA that gets most innocent people exonerated, but it is the Reid Technique that landed them behind bars in the first place.

Not that there is a lack of evidence which could be DNA tested regarding the assassination of Kennedy. There most certainly is such evidence.

Unfortunately, and to my dismay, the Innocence Project will not get involved in the Oswald case – because it does not fit the criteria of being a living person sentenced in a court of law for murder or rape where there is doubt about the soundness of the verdict and there is DNA evidence that can be tested. Being falsely accused by the writers of official history after being murdered while in custody as the sole suspect, is apparently not good enough. Even with proof of the frame and DNA evidence being available.

Oswald’s Murder in Custody

Oswald’s murder while in custody was a civil liberty matter at the time. It should have been the subject of a much deeper investigation as an “inside” police job.The case against Oswald was highly circumstantial, supported by junk science, intimidated and scared witnesses, a completely false narrative, the denial of legal assistance and the hiding of his alibi. That would be enough in 1963 Dallas to put you away in an ordinary murder case. It would sail through the justice system and Oswald would end up in prison, probably on Death Row. In fact, in most cases, a confession would be extracted using the Reid Technique – which does not discriminate between the guilty and the innocent when it comes to closing a case. It also does away with the need for any real evidence. Despite 12 hours of interrogations and little sleep, Oswald could not be coerced, threatened or tricked into confessing as so many others have been. Without a confession, the biggest case in US history and under the spotlight of the international media, made justice Dallas-style impossible. It could not go to court.

We know that the alibi was concealed thanks to Bart Kamp finding the interrogation notes of FBI Agent James Hosty buried among the archives of researcher Malcolm Blunt. These notes show that Oswald told his interrogators he went outside to watch the President’s parade. We also know that frames of two films showing the front steps of the building at the time of the assassination, show an unidentified male standing in the shadows on the top left corner going in. Because of the low quality of the frames, his identity cannot be made on facial features. However, he appears to be young, with a receding hairline and wearing workman’s clothing of the style Oswald was believed to be wearing that day. Moreover, all other white males employed in the building have been ruled out based on their own testimonies and statements.Jack Ruby was let into that basement by police. Oswald was not brought down for his transfer to County until Ruby was in place. Made aware that there had been threats to the Sheriff’s Office and FBI to kill Oswald during the transfer, the police formed a four-man press around their prisoner as they brought him down on the elevator and stepped out into the basement. The person responsible for coming up with the four-man press idea, was the man at the front of the prisoner, Captain Will Fritz. Fritz can be seen in footage of the murder moving at least a couple of yards ahead of Oswald in order to open the car door. As he does so, he waves a hand behind his back. It is at that precise moment that Jack Ruby lunged forward and shot Oswald.

As a side-bar, Let me add here that even Ruby’s alleged reason for shooting Oswald is straight out of the Reid Technique manual… which is to offer suspects an excuse for the crime that puts it in the best possible light. For example, police might offer to a burglar the excuse that he did not steal the drugs for his own gain, but because his sick mother needed them and could not afford them. This is meant to gain the co-operation of the suspect, who will (wrongly) believes that they will be treated more leniently by the prosecutors and courts by following the police suggestion. The Reid company now in fact publishes a whole book of excuses for police to use with suspects.We now also have a few other pieces of information.

  1. Dallas Police received the same threat on Oswald’s life as the FBI and the Sheriff. In fact, the officer who took the call thought it sounded like Jack Ruby, who was well-known as a police-groupie. In all the calls, the person indicated he was giving the warning so that no police would get injured – something Ruby would indeed be concerned to avoid happening.
  2. Fritz deliberately sent an innocent man to the electric chair 10 years prior to the assassination.
  3. Fritz had a 98% homicide clearance rate – all without modern forensics. With the use of modern forensics today, most police forces around the world hover around a 60% clearance rate. What this indicates is that sending innocent people to jail or worse, was far from isolated to a single case, but was just “business as usual”. This is supported by the sheer volume of people exonerated in Texas who had been charged, tried and sentenced within Dallas County.

Case Closed

None of this would matter quite so much if Oswald was “merely” a dead suspect among many. But that is not the situation. He was the sole suspect at the time and was tried and convicted post-mortem by a Presidential Commission which acted without any of the checks and balances that define a fair and just trial. Over time, the FBI quietly closed the case, despite Hoover having testified to the commission that it “will be continued in an open classification for all time.”In short, Oswald’s murder

  • Put an end to his day in court to face his accusers
  • Allowed him to be tried by what amounted to a “Kangaroo Court” after his death
  • Now denies him the chance to be exonerated and for the case to be reopened as a result

Dehumanizing Oswald

Lee Oswald is no longer regarded as ever having been a living, breathing person. If you want him to a part of a CIA sperm experiment, you can simply draw on all of the witness sightings of him being in two places at once, add some anomalies in the records, both real and imagined, take his trip to the Soviet Union and mix in some intel connections and you have yourself a CIA Doppelganger Project. Want to inject yourself into history? Claim witness status and do the rounds of the conferences. Have a favorite Bogey-Man? No problem! You can join any of the various clans, be it, the CIA-did-it guys, the Mafia-did-it guys or the Kremlin-did-it guys among numerous others. Or you can get creative as some have recently by claiming Jacqui Kennedy was the assassin. But whatever you do, ignore Oswald. He is of no importance. You need to be after the real killers. Forget that they are all dead. Forget that your theory is just one more competing for attention and will be rightly ignored except by the already converted. At the end of the day, all that matters is that everyone gets to point a finger at some one or some group and convince themselves they have done something.The case has festered under 55 years of chasing the “real” killers while ignoring, miscasting or mischaracterizing Oswald, his words and his actions. Or accepting the corrupted portrait painted during the original investigations.

There is only one way to understand – to get to the raw heart of what happened that weekend post-arrest – and that is by overlaying everything the police said and did with the Reid Technique. Only by studying the technique and viewing the police investigation through that lens can we begin to sort the wheat from chaff and fact from fiction.

If Oswald had Lived

If Oswald had gone to trial, been found guilty and sentenced to death, he would have had appeal rights. If he had received life in prison, he would have been 53 when the Innocence Project began in 1992. Moreover, he would have qualified for its assistance, given the amount of reasonable doubt, the horrendous record of the Dallas County Justice system, and the availability of DNA evidence. He most certainly would have been freed. In an uncorrupted system, he never would have gone to trial, let alone have been found guilty.At the Federal level, Oswald was made into a “lone nut” at the altar of Cold War hysteria or CYA masquerading as National Security. At the local level, as shown, it was all about preventing a trial which could not go ahead in the spotlight of international media. The Federal and local ambitions for the case were mutually beneficial.How is it just that an illegal act (murder) is allowed to be a barrier to exonerating a wrongly accused man? How is it that the findings of a commission that started with a presumption of his guilt, were used by the FBI to justify closing the case even though the former director had sworn under oath that this would not happen?

The Iron is Hot

We need to take Oswald out of the sphere of “conspiracy theory” where he resides as some carnival side-show freak, deformed by layer-upon-layer of putrescent sophist vapidity which has cast him as everything from wife-beater to wannabe spy to prototype hippie, and place him alongside his true brothers; those falsely charged and sentenced.

But instead, we have a self-appointed peak body, the clumsily named “Citizens Against Political Assassination” (CAPA) tossing Oswald under a bus (wouldn’t being anti-assassination be the default position of most sane people? Is there a body called “Citizens FOR Political Assassination” that they felt obliged to oppose? I might start an organization called “Citizens Against Alien – Human Cross-breeding Experiments” because – why not?). Famed director of CAPA , Dr Cyril Wecht is on record as confirming his only interest is to prove a conspiracy via finding evidence for two shooters and he – and others at CAPA – are quite happy to allow Oswald to be accepted as one shooter in order to get its conspiracy beliefs broadly accepted. These people aim to exonerate Oswald – by making him a co-conspirator. The facts be damned!

Over recent years, documentaries and TV series regarding wrongly accused prisoners have begun to sear into the public consciousness showing how people are duped and psychologically tortured into confessing to crimes they did not commit – sometimes even for non-proven crimes where the circumstances for instance, clearly indicate accidental death. And sometimes what is behind it is no more than a desire for a stat and we will see junk science, witness tampering and planted evidence enter the frames, especially where attempts to coerce a confession have failed.Here is a list of such shows in no particular order. It is not by any means, a complete list:

Making a Murderer

Thin Blue Line

The Confession Tapes

Exhibit A

The Innocent Man

Shadow of Truth (Israeli series)

Dallas DNA

Southwest of Salem: The Story of the San Antonio Four

After Innocence

Sacco and Vanzetti

West of Memphis

When they See Us

Inside Justice : Birmingham 6

Time/The Kaleif Browder Story

Acquitted (Norwegian)

Brother’s Keeper

The Perfect Shot

How a Corrupt Chicago Cop Framed Dozens of People (Youtube)

Murder on a Sunday Morning

Real Crime: The 30 Year Secret (UK)

Small Lives and Great Reputations (UK)

There should be a documentary made about Oswald that is along similar lines. The iron is indeed hot and the time for it is now.

But no, we prefer the spectacle of a phony witness in Judyth Vary Baker (for those unaware, she claims to have been Oswald’s lover, among other outlandish stories) making her living with JFK conferences supported by members of CAPA.Judyth is a malignant narcissist who preys on the kindness of a vast number of gullible supporters. Her main ploy (apart from the conferences) is in constantly inventing crises around herself which only the influx of money to her paypal account will ameliorate.

This year, as has been the case for a number of years, members of CAPA are among Judyth’s speakers list, including, for the second time, Dr Cyril Wecht. My objections to this have raised the defense that she is polite, friendly and respectful to those CAPA members.To which I say… of course she is. That is how malignant narcissists operate.

Please join me in

  • voicing your displeasure at CAPA for aligning itself with frauds and throwing Oswald under a bus
  • agitating for Oswald’s case to be taken up by the Innocence Project There is no law stopping them. It is simply internal policy

People Power demanding justice for Oswald is key to closure in this case. And that means Oswald’s exoneration and an open finding on JFK.

Meanwhile, CAPA heads the cry for all of the remaining files to be opened – as they should be. But not, as currently is the situation, at the expense of recognizing that what we already have would be more than sufficient to get any prisoner exonerated and released from Death Row.Fifty-five years of leaving it to others has meant chasing ghosts down rabbit holes, and inventing a 1001 shooters and shooting scenarios to match the 1001 suspect groups with none – not a one theory that is plausible once you get past the surface fluff – and that includes the official theory published by the Warren Commission.

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