The Mad Piano Tuner of Missoula


Researching the Kennedy case has it’s moments. Especially when perusing old newspapers; in this instance the Lodi News-Sentinel of March 20, 1941.

You have to feel for William Rehmer. The poor guy tuned pianos. For a living. Insanity must surely come soon after embarking on such a career. 

I am extremely perplexed by how anyone can “barricade” themselves in a field – by definition an open space.  Was there an underground bunker?

I am just as perplexed by a plane equipped with gas being handy to flush him out of his “barricade”.

And what sort of gas was it? Was it originally stockpiled perhaps, for the battlefields of Europe when (not if) the US entered the fray? 

We don’t even learn how William topped himself.  

I’m guessing he dropped dead of exhaustion doing St Vitus Dance after a massive dose of nerve gas.

And I don’t think it can be any coincidence that Missoula was originally known as Hellgate Trading Post.

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